Simply (inspirational) Sketchbooks

sketchbook-pile-500x500I like to pay attention. That is, I try and undertake all things I do with awareness, with a focus and concentration. This encompasses not just being aware of what I am looking at (pretty obvious I know when undertaking observational drawing, but your mind does wander sometimes!), but also giving the proper attention to the materials I use. More than this, as I draw in museums and I want the materials I use to stand up to the rigours of numerous visits and prolonged drawing, there are various practical aspects that I have to be aware of. Balancing a drawing board on your lap, clamping separate sheets of paper to it to keep it in place, juggling pencils and erasers and pencil sharpeners all the while perched on a tiny stool for hours or days on end while sitting in a draft answering questions from the curious is not for the faint hearted. However, I have found an amazingly effective and inspirational solution for at least one of these problems, the others I am working on.



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