Jacopo Carucci Pontormo (1494 – 1557)
Rudolf Arnheim

Rudolf Arnheim began in the 1920s to apply Gestalt psychology to art, was born in 1904 in Berlin. He studied psychology, philosophy, art history, and music history at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin, where he received a doctorate in 1928.

“Our only access to reality is sensory experience, that is, sight or hearing or touch. And sensory experience is always more than mere seeing or touching. It also includes mental images and knowledge based on experience. All of that makes up our view of the world. In my opinion, “visual thinking” means that visual perception consists above all in the development of forms, of “perceptual terms,” and thereby fulfills the conditions of the intellectual formation of concepts; it has the ability, by means of these forms, to give a valid interpretation of experience.”
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The Louvre
Agnolo di Cosimo (1503 – 1572), usually known as Il Bronzino, or Agnolo Bronzino
 Agnolo Bronzino Resurrectiontumblr_mezi55lCej1r1io1co1_1280

Michelle Tully and Timothy Stotz of Studio Escalier

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475 – 1564)
study-of-a-seated-young-man-and-two-studies-of-the-right-arm Michelangelo,_Crucifix